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It’s Time for Gold – September 21, 2012

Rising tide lifted all boats.  When gold rose last week, it also lifted gold sovereign price and many British coin values.  Gold closed last week with a small gain compared to the week before.  However, it is the fifth consecutive weekly gain.  Investors and traders alike, begin to take notice of this bullish trend.  Sure, there will be profit taking along the way that push down gold prices temporary.  However, if you are a value investor going for the long haul, this is the time for gold investing.

Many investors and collectors of gold are into gold coins.  That’s because gold coins carry both the value of gold bullion and in some case, collector’s premium, such as in the case of many gold sovereigns and British coins.  Please visit this site often to get the regular updates of gold sovereign prices and British coin values.

British Coin Values Shot Through the Roof!

British coin values shot through the roof while the “Barbarians at the Gate”.  Barbarians of the central banks, that is.

Well, the Europeans and the Americans did it again.  The central bankers from both sides of the pond got together in September and decided to coordinate bond purchase schemes as a way to prop up their own sluggish economies.   These plans are open-ended in nature.  They essentially open the flood gates of money supplies by primping the printing press simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic.

The financial markets around the world reacted to this news in a dramatic fashion.  As a result, gold bullion and gold coin prices, including British coin values and other gold sovereign prices shot through the roof. September has been good for gold investors so far.

What does this price surge mean in the near future?  If gold price continues to climb (and there is no reason not to), you can be sure so do the British coin values and gold sovereign price.  Please revisit us often for regular updates of gold and gold coins.

How the 2012 Olympics Affected British Coin Values

As the 2012 summer Olympics in London have come and gone, there are many things that people will remember about these past summer Olympic Games. One area where the Olympics has had quite an impact, and an area most people wouldn’t necessarily give much thought to, is British coin values as it relates to commemorative Olympic coins. Of the many souvenirs that a person could collect, commemorative Olympic gold coins have become somewhat of a hot item during and after the Summer Olympics. The question many people have is how do the values of these coins affect gold sovereign prices going forward.

The first thing that people need to understand is that because of the commemorative Olympic coins limited minting, the demand and prices for these commemorative coins are going to be high. There were two coins produced by the Royal Mint. The first were Team GB ingots replete with the Great Britain Olympic logo. This coin received a minting of only 9999 coins. Official London Olympic commemorative gold coins were minted and only 50,000 were put into circulation.

This demand has caused their values to be double of what typical gold would go for on the open market. This is caused many investors to grab a hold of these coins wherever they can find them. In terms of how this is affected the gold sovereign price, Britain’s main gold coin, it is actually done little for the sovereign’s value. In fact, with the precipitous drop the Gold Sovereign has experienced recently, many people point to this as an inevitable fate for the two specially minted gold coins.

This is caution that many gold investors should heed in the long-term. In the short term, however, British coin values for these commemorative gold coins are expected to be high at least throughout the rest of 2012. Beyond that, the value of these coins is still unclear.

If you’re looking for a collectible, these Olympic commemorative coins are an excellent investment. If you’re looking for them as a viable investment for gold, in the short term, you probably couldn’t ask for better investment when it comes to premium. For the long-term, your best option is to look at the price movement of the Gold Sovereign as to whether this particular coin is a good investment and precious metals for the future.

British Coin Values and the 2012 London Olympics

If you feel gold is a good addition to your investment portfolio, consider purchasing the London 2012 Olympics commemorative items. Choose from such items as the London Host City Golden Ingot or the Team GB and Paralympics GB ingots which feature 24 carat gold. There are many benefits to purchasing these items with the main benefit being that these gold coins are selling at rapid rates and they have double the gold sovereign price in the overall gold coin market. The Royal Mint says profits have doubled thanks to these commemorative coins.

Commemorative British coin values have been increasing due to a rise in the number of persons wishing to purchase these items. This increase has been spurred by events such as the Royal Wedding and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This trend is expected to continue with the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games being held in London. The Royal Mint has produced ingots which are the first to display the Team GB logo and only 9,999 will be produced. Only 50,000 of the Official London 2012 Commemorative Ingots will be produced also.

Chinese investors are jumping on these items due to rising British coin values. The Mint is producing the first UK Kilo Coin to mark the games and the price for these coins is almost double that which one would pay for gold if purchased through the open market. These items were recently offered for sale and the public is already jumping on them. In fact, demand is so high that some people are purchasing the Mint’s one kilogram bullion. These items will be hot with collectors in years to come.

One thing that experts caution is that Olympic British coin values may not be the investment of choice that many are expecting. Gold sovereign prices have dipped over the past year so the experts are conservative when it comes to what they are projecting the price to be for the remainder of 2012. When you go to purchase these Olympic commemorative items, keep this in mind. The value of these items will depend on many factors, but are expected to be a hot item with collectors of Olympic items in the future.

Royal Mint Launches Olympic Coins – Enhance British Coin Values for Coin Collectors

Determining British Coin Values

If you are considering investing in gold you may wonder if it would be better to invest in coins or gold bars. British coin values fluctuate quickly and the actual value has to do with how rare the coins are and the demand from collectors. Gold bars on the other hand are better for those that are large investors or serious about gold since it makes it easier and is much more efficient than trying to buy several coins at a time, which could end up costing more than the bars.

What about resale consideration of bars vs. coins? While it is easy to simplify that gold bars would ultimately have a better resale value this isn’t necessarily true especially if the coins are rare or in demand by collectors. Newer coins vs. gold bars would be easier to determine that the bars would have a high price than gold sovereign prices. Therefore, when buying coins vs. gold bars you have to take into account the types of coins you’re investing in since that will determine their overall worth in the future.

It’s true that gold bars are more efficient to buy but in the case of investment alone and the future value of the bars being relatively the same whereas gold sovereign price can rise sharply due to many other factors than just the value of the gold alone as is the case with the bars. In this sense, investing in older coins is definitely a better investment option than bars.

For the serious investor, gold is always a good way to balance out the investment portfolio with the rise and fall of stocks and bonds. Gold can always be liquidated in the event of a suffering economy. Another option is to invest in both gold bars and gold sovereign coins, which gives you even more flexibility. The bars can serve as a quick way to liquidate if needed and the coins held onto so that they continue to strengthen in the British coin values. Diversity in a portfolio makes it stronger and protects your money better than a limited portfolio.

Understanding British Coin Values

If you have British gold coins perhaps you wonder what their value is? Obviously, there are many things that will affect British coin values and they do tend to change right along with the bullion. This means if you have your coins valued today the value could change quite a bit if you have the same coins valued next year. Therefore, gold sovereign prices change and fluctuate often.

However, there are some coins that will always hold more value than others. For instance, old gold coins that are rare and in demand along with their history makes them worth more than a coin that is just a few years old. Even if a newer coin actually has more gold than an ancient coin, the older will always hold more value. An old coin that is in excellent condition will be more valuable than an old coin that is difficult to read due to the deterioration that occurred.

Obviously British coin values vary depending on many factors such as the number of collectors that may be looking for such coins. The fewer coins there are in existence, the more their value is. Coins that are easy to find will be worth very little when you compare the gold sovereign price of those that more people want. Gold coins up to World War I were made in large quantities due to the gold standard being removed. Coins produced between 1982 and 1999 are rarer since on proofs for collectors were made and began being minted as bullion again after 2000.

Gold sovereign coins in and of themselves have nominal value, but the value is determined by what the current gold prices are, the demand for the coin, condition of the coin, and the age of the coin. In addition, the period of time the coin was made and how many of the particular coins have ever been in circulation. There are many factors that determine value rather than it simply being the amount or weight of the gold the coin has. Collectors of these coins await anxiously for one to appear that they can buy since the rare coins are not on the market long.

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